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Does Your Relationship Need A Tune-Up Or Repair? 3 Indicators To Tell You Need Christian-Based Counseling

30 September 2021
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Everyone getting into a relationship anticipates having the best moments with the person they love. Even so, things could change along the way. For instance, habits you previously overlooked in your spouse may start to become a source of unending problems in your relationship. While your partner could be at fault, you may also need to re-evaluate your ideas in order to make the relationship work. That is where relationship counseling comes in.
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Ibogaine Treatment And Drug Addiction

17 June 2021
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Ibogaine is still being researched on whether it does help treat addictions. Researchers do hope that ibogaine does have the ability to aid in addiction treatment because the opioid crisis is killing many Americans each day.  What Is Ibogaine? Ibogaine is found in a plant called iboga. This plant is native to the West Africa area. It has been used mostly in rituals surrounding the Bwiti religion. Ibogaine is a psychedelic substance that is used by some to treat addictions to substances like opioids.
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How Outpatient Drug Addiction Treatment Can Help

20 April 2021
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Are you struggling with an addiction to drugs? If so, you might feel defeated by it, especially if you tried to break it in the past with no luck. The good news is that there is hope for people struggling with addictions. Recovery is possible, but you have a greater chance of finding freedom from the addiction if you seek help. One option is to attend an outpatient drug addiction treatment program.
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Reasons A Teen Substance Abuse Clinic Is A Good Choice

12 January 2021
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If your teen has a substance abuse problem, then they will probably try to lie to you. When things get to the point where they can no longer lie their way out of it, then they will try any and every other trick that they can think of in order to try to convince you that they can stop at home with your help. They most likely won't want to go into a substance abuse clinic, but this is their best chance at a successful recovery.
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Problems With Porn: Do You Have An Addiction, Compulsion, Or Just A Habit?

11 November 2020
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With approximately 22 million subscribers signed on to one of the most popular porn sites anywhere, porn is generally considered an acceptable activity and within the range of normal human behavior, but it can also have a dark side to it, too. For some, viewing porn begins as a casual experience and evolves into a compulsion, eventually turning into a serious and life-altering addiction.  The Difference Between Compulsion And Addiction
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