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When Addiction Becomes Your Identity: Is The Real You Lost Forever?

23 May 2019
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You probably can't think about William Shatner without thinking about Star Trek, just like you'd have a hard time not seeing Spider-Man if you hear the name "Toby Maguire". Associations seem to stick with different personalities, although not all of them are positive. If you know you're an addict, everyone in your life knows you're an addict, and everything you do revolves around being addicted; it's become your identity. Breaking with that identity can make coming clean almost as hard as the withdrawal symptoms, and to do it, you need a lot of help.
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Is Your Daughter Struggling In Junior High? Watch For These Signs Of Inattentive Type ADHD

30 January 2019
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ADHD has long been known to be a factor that causes children to struggle in school. However, people tend to focus so much on the hyperactive type of this disorder that some children get overlooked. This is especially common with girls, who may internalize their feelings and try to cope with their symptoms in different ways. Inattentive type ADHD is characterized by less instances of hyperactivity, but the symptoms are still disruptive to your daughter's academic endeavors.
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Handling Problems With Your Teenager

12 September 2018
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You may remember your own teenage years as tumultuous and troublesome, but as a parent of a teenager today, you might be feeling more upset and lost than you imagined. How can you interact with your teen in a way that's both positive and reassuring for both of you? Listen More Because you're the parent, you might simply not want to get into a back and forth over family rules. You might think it's better to "
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5 Benefits Of Couples Counseling

13 May 2018
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Many relationships go through difficult phases that can leave people feeling frustrated, upset, and not close to their partner. There is no reason to continue feeling bitter and resentful -- couples counseling can be highly effective, and a good couples counselor can help you and your partner restore your relationship. Some of the main benefits of effective couples counseling include the following. 1. Create a Different View of the Relationship
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Thinking About Getting Counseling? Why You Should See A Hypnotherapist

9 February 2018
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If you're dealing with some serious life issues, getting counseling is a great step. You'll have the opportunity to talk with an objective third party about the things that are bothering you in a closed, private environment that you may not be able to find anywhere else. As you look through your options, you could run across a psychologist, cognitive behavioral therapist, psychiatrist, and many other counselors with various specialties. However, if you have deep-seated problems you might want to go see a hypnotherapist.
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